Personal effects are any Article (new and used) which a traveller may reasonably require for his/her personal use during the journey. These include the following:

  • Household items
  • Foodstuff including meats, fruit and vegetables
  • Gifts
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Commercial items, etc.

These items must be declared on the Immigration/Customs Form (Form C15 revised) and the Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration Form (C88).



Requirements to qualify for the exemption

Personal effects

The accompanied baggage of a passenger being wearing apparel, articles of personal adornment, toilet requisites and any portable item in a passenger’s baggage or on his person which he might reasonably be expected to carry with him for his own regular and private use.

“Portable articles” do not include compact disc players, television sets, portable stereo systems and video cassette recorders, except in the case of a visitor who makes a declaration that he intends to take the article out of Trinidad and Tobago upon his departure.

Household effects

Goods which have been in your use and possession for at least one (1) year and are not for sale or exchange, and on the condition that you are returning to reside in Trinidad and Tobago. You must have resided abroad continuously for at least five years immediately prior to your return to Trinidad and Tobago. These must not exceed the value of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00 TT) and can be imported within two months before or after your arrival into Trinidad and Tobago.

Spirits and Tobacco products

Passengers 17 years and over are entitled to the following:
• 1.5 litres of spirit or wine.
• Tobacco, not exceeding 250 grams; or
• Cigarettes, not exceeding 200 in number; or
• Cigars, not exceeding 50 in number.

$3,000.00 TT allowance

Goods to the aggregate of $3,000.00 TT belonging to you (including your infants and small children), acquired abroad or in local in-bond shops for your personal or household use or as souvenirs or gifts.
N.B. – A traveller can only claim up to the maximum of this exemption once every year. Each claim will be recorded each trip until limit is met.

Used tools

Used implements, instruments and tools of profession, trade, occupation or employment which are not intended for sale or exchange, and which are declared to have been in the possession and use of the passenger for a reasonable period.

Property of deceased persons

Personal effects (not merchandise), of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, or of persons domiciled in Trinidad and Tobago, who have died abroad. Proof of death is required.

In-bond shopping

At the Airport, between the Immigration Arrival Hall and the Customs Baggage Room are located a number of In-bond shops, which display a variety of goods such as spirits, cosmetics, jewellery, souvenirs and confectionery. A passenger is free to make purchases at these shops. Please remember the personal allowances afforded to each passenger. Purchases that exceed the allowance will be dutiable



Source: Customs and Excise Division

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