1. When were Piarco and ANR Robinson International opened?

Piarco International Airport was opened on the 8th January 1931 and ANR Robinson International Airport was opened in December, 1940.

2. How much is the Departure Tax?
Departure Tax is now included in the cost of the ticket.

3. Can we get local cuisine at the Piarco International Airport?
The Local Food Court is located at the western end of the airport, immediately following the Customs exit, There is a variety of local cuisine from roti, pelau , barbecue to doubles and pies .

4. Where can I change money at Piarco International airport?
Money can be changed at the First Citizens’ Bureau de Change, which is located near the Customs Exit or at the Millennium Finance – Cambio, which is located in the Duty Free area, on the left side of the staircase.

5. I would like information about hotels and sites to visit, where can I go?
The Tourism Development Company’s Information Office located outside the customs exit at the Piarco International Airport and immediately opposite the domestic Arrival Hall, ANR Robinson International Airport.

6. Where can I purchase a phone card?
Phone cards are available at the Piarco Airport news stand or at the Piarco Airport Florist, or at the following stores that sell mobile telephones Digicel, B Mobile and De Phone Booth.





7. How can one go about filming at the airport?
Should you be interested in filming and photography at Piarco and ANR Robinson International Airport , all parties are asked to submit a request five (5) days in writing to email : zjoseph@tntairports.com

8. What is Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago?
Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is the statutory body that manages the efficient operations of the country’s two airports: Piarco International Airport, Trinidad and ANR Robinson International Airport, Tobago.

9. What should I do if I want to work for Airports Authority?
All resumes are to be uploaded on line, kindly visit our website at www.tntairports.com and proceed to the Employment Opportunities section