Media Policy

The objective of this policy document is to help media practitioners understand how to operate at the Piarco and A.N.R. Robinson International Airports without negatively affecting the security, safety and flow of airport operations.

The security and privacy of our customers is of paramount importance. To ensure a safe and pleasant experience for anyone wishing to film at the airport, certain guidelines must be followed.

A written request for permission must be sent to the Operations Department before shooting any area of the airport including the carparks, outside the terminal building, or other areas landside or airside. It is at the discretion of the Deputy General Manager of Operations, that permission would be granted. According to the location of the filming, the media house may also need permission from an airline, concessionaire or government agency. 
Commercial Filming attracts a fee of TT$1500 per day.

Media Access
The guidelines below must always be followed:-

  1. At all times, display official media photo ID 
  2. Do not interrupt airport or airline operations
  3. Do not block emergency exits
  4. Do not block ticket counters, passenger check in or security checkpoints

Media Parking
Media practitioners must notify the Corporate Communications Department before arriving at the airport.

News vehicles must be parked in the AATT public carparks. Permission may however be granted for live broadcast trucks to be parked in designated areas.

Before Security Checkpoints
After permission is granted and media personnel are accredited, they can tape, film or take photographs in public areas inclusive of the Atrium, car parks, check-in areas etc.

After Security Checkpoints
To gain access to areas beyond Security Checkpoints, the media must take the letter granting permission from the Operations Department to the AATT's Pass Office, which is located on the first floor above the Atrium, a formal pass will be issued and this should be displayed at all Security Checkpoints.  Beyond Security Checkpoints all media personnel must be escorted by an official from the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.

Media Enquiries 
The Corporate Communications Department is responsible for assisting the news media with their enquiries and providing relevant information pertaining to the Piarco International and the A.N.R. Robinson International Airports.  Requests for interviews with Executive Management or members of the Board, must go through the Corporate Communications Department. Enquiries that relate to a specific airline must be referred to that airline.

The Corporate Communications Department can be contacted at

Phone: 669-1985 ext.2351

Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please also contact the Corporate Communications Department if you wish to receive media releases and press information.