Port Of Spain
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Port Of Spain
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Piarco International Airport


Personal effects are any Article (new and used) which a traveller may reasonably require for his/her personal use during the journey. These include the following:
Household items
Foodstuff including meats, fruit and vegetables

Commercial items, etc.

These items must be declared on the Immigration/Customs Form (Form C15 revised) and the Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration Form (C88). Customs Department can be contacted by their airport telephone
number +1 868 669 4361, or information from their website.

$3,000.00 TT allowance

Goods to the aggregate of $3,000.00 TT belonging to you (including your infants and small children), acquired abroad or in local in-bond shops for your personal or household use or as souvenirs or gifts.

N.B. – A traveller can only claim up to the maximum of this exemption once every year. Each claim will be recorded each trip until limit is met.

Spirits and Tobacco products

Passengers 17 years and over are entitled to the following:

  • 1.5 litres of spirit or wine.
  • Tobacco, not exceeding 250 grams; or
  • Cigarettes, not exceeding 200 in number; or
  • Cigars, not exceeding 50 in number.


The Immigration Division can be contacted at +1 868 669 5895. Other useful information to travellers can be found at the following link of the official website of the Immigration Division:

Baggage Claim

The Baggage Claim area is located after the Duty Free area. Any luggage or item forgotten on the aircraft or lost in-transit is retrieved and lodged at the Customs hall – Baggage Claim area.

In the event of lost items or baggage, please contact the
Customs Department at
+1 868 669 2288, extension 5127,
the Baggage Claim Desk at
+1 868 669 2288, extensions 7513 or 7514 (Caribbean Airlines)
4682 (American Airlines), 7014 (JetBlue),
or 7512 (BritishAirways/Copa/United Airlines).